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Her Wild Vision Initiative is the spectacular, super-awesome directory of the best, most-accomplished, active women and women-identifying conservation photographers and filmmakers working in the world today.

Our directory focuses on professionals working specifically in editorial and other storytelling markets covering issues of conservation, natural sciences and the environment.

No more excuses for not being able to find us. 


Looking for a photographer in Southeast Asia proficient in underwater and photojournalism? Done. How about a skilled drone operator in Africa? No problem!

You can filter this database by combining any of the items in our menus that include geographic region, expertise, and diversity-identifier, or enter whatever keyword you want to make your search easier.

All the talent here has been vetted by our team and a rotating group of guest editors from top publications including Audubon, National Geographic, bioGraphic, Smithsonian, Ranger Rick and The Nature Conservancy.

We send updates to an ever-growing list of editors and communication directors on a quarterly basis to facilitate visibility and connection for our members.


The gender pay gap is real. We believe in leveling the financial playing field wherever possible. So, we actively seek to partner with awesome companies who offer special discounts to our members.


Application for inclusion in the directory is free and offered on a quarterly basis.


Hey there! Her Wild Vision Initiative is the effort of two women who decided it was about time for all of us working as conservation photographers and filmmakers to have an equal role in the conservation visual storytelling field. We were done hearing myths like, “Well, I’d love to hire a woman but can’t find one,” or, “There just aren’t any women doing this.” We needed to remove barriers, (and excuses), and Her Wild Vision Initiative is the result.

Now, it’s wonderfully easy to find and hire a woman or woman-identified conservation photographer or filmmaker. Yay!

Morgan Heim

Co-Creator of Her Wild Vision Initiative
Owner, Neon Raven Story Labs

Jaymi Heimbuch

Co-Creator of Her Wild Vision Initiative
Owner, Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy

THE guest reviewers

We have an extraordinary crew of powerhouse editors and experts who help us review new member applications for inclusion in the directory. We are deeply grateful for the assistance and keen insights of:

Sabine MEyer

Photography Director
National Audubon society

kathy moran

Deputy Director of Photography
national geographic Magazine

Susan McElhinney

Photo Editor
Ranger Rick

Gemma Ward

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition

Tom Gilks

Picture Editor
BBC Wildlife Magazine

Danielle Steinberg

Digital Lead
PBS Nature

steven bedard


Melissa Dale (née Ryan)

Interim Director of Photography
The Nature Conservancy

Jeff Campagna

Photo Editor
Smithsonian Magazine

Lars Lindemann

Director of photography
GEO Magazine

Christie Quinn

Operations Director
Jackson Wild

Melanie Judd

Client Relations and Jackson Wild On Tour
Jackson WilD

The partners

We have an amazing support crew of partners, without whom Her Wild Vision just wouldn’t be as awesome or effective. We are deeply grateful for the assistance of:

The wild foundation

fiscal sponsor

steve mandel

Professional development scholarship donor