Alisha Vasudev_by Antaraa Vasudev

Photo/Antaraa Vasudev

Alisha Vasudev

Mumbai, India


Instagram: @alishavasudev

Alisha Vasudev is a documentary photographer and earth scientist focusing on coexistence and decoding everyday human interactions with the environment. Atmospheric science and weather play an integral role in her practice. With an MSc. in Environment and International Development from the University of East Anglia UK, Alisha often collaborates with non-profits to document livelihoods, rural development, and gender. She is a member of Diversify Photo, Authority Collective and the 2021 Women Photograph Mentorship Class.

Expertise and Skills

Aerial, Asia, Photojournalism, Plants, Portraiture
Conflict Trained, Horseback riding, Science Background, Writing
Agriculture & Ranching, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Coexistence, Ecology, Fisheries, Forestry, Humanitarian, Science Communication, Water Issues
English, Hindi