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The gender pay gap is real. We believe in leveling the financial playing field wherever possible. So, we actively seek to partner with awesome companies who offer special discounts to our members.

PERKs Partners

Wild Idea Lab

$129 off the annual membership subscription

is the only membership community built specifically for conservation photographers and filmmakers. With educational resources, business development resources, and a distraction-free social platform, it’s a valuable one-of-a-kind place to grow your network and advance your skills.

Membership benefits include:

  • A library of video masterclasses on core topics from creative skills to business skills, with a new masterclass added every month
  • Weekly video calls focused on creative development, professional development, mentorship, and social hangouts
  • Weekly mastermind sessions focused on developing your business skills
  • Bonus live events like video Q&A sessions with top-tier editors of national publications and private film screenings
  • Member-only grants and scholarships
  • And a whole lot more!

Her Wild Vision Initiative members who are already waiting for you inside Wild Idea Lab include:

  • Jaymi Heimbuch (Wild Idea Lab Founder)
  • Morgan Heim (a Wild Idea Lab Mentor)
  • Suzi Eszterhas (a Wild Idea Lab Mentor)
  • Gemina Garland-Lewis
  • Luciane Coletti
  • Kika Tarsi Tuff
  • Jen Guyton
  • and more!


free tech Support

Steve Mandel not only provides coaching, but also runs the nonprofit organization Oceans360, which uses underwater virtual reality to raise awareness of the beauty, fragility, and importance of the world’s oceans.

Steve’s passion for technology, problem-solving, and conservation led him to create impressive camera set-ups for film and stills that immerse viewers and help them connect with the natural world in a fresh way.

Steve offers his high-tech expertise to our members who need to create custom camera setups for projects.

If you need to create customized equipment, you have an extraordinary resource in Steve for troubleshooting, brainstorming, and figuring out the how-to for accomplishing your goal.

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Do you have a product or service that is a perfect match for conservation filmmaking and photography, and would like to offer a discount or sponsorship to Her Wild Vision Initiative members? We’d love to talk with you!