Her Wild Vision


Her Wild Vision Initiative believes in removing barriers that keep women photographers from pursuing, or being hired for, assignments. That is why we are building capacity for three scholarships available only to Her Wild Vision members.

1. Professional Development Scholarship

Developing the creative skills to capture the images or footage for a conservation story is just one part of advancing your career. Other skills are equally essential, so we are providing scholarships for professional development opportunities.


STeve Mandel Coaching Scholarship

Sharing stories often means presenting to live audiences, which may help you both before or after completing a project, whether you’re raising support or spreading awareness for your work.

This scholarship covers a one-on-one coaching session with Steve Mandel. 

Get the feedback and insights you need to confidently present to clients, funders, collaborators, and audiences of all sizes. Through Steve’s expert and generous coaching style, you’ll learn the subtle yet essential strategies for knowing what to say and how to say it to bring your audience to full attention, and help you to make a lasting impression.

Applications for the Steve Mandel Coaching Scholarship open in Fall 2020. We are awarding six scholarships during 2020. 

2. Conflict Training Scholarship

Conservation storytelling is difficult work. Some of the situations you find yourself in can be like a war zone. We don’t want our being women to make us feel like we can’t enter more dangerous or difficult situations. We want to ensure that you have the training you need to stay safe and keep your wits about you while doing this essential work.

This scholarship covers the cost of completing a conflict training workshop, so you are ready to enter any situation you might come up against while on assignment.

Applications for the Conflict Training Scholarship open in 2021. 

3. The no-strings Project Grant

Scoring funding for a project is difficult enough. Let’s not make it more difficult by being nit-picky about how you can spend it.

This grant is for any expense that would assist you in getting your conservation visual storytelling project completed and into the world.

Need to hire a house-n-dog sitter so you can spend two months in the field? Okie dokie. Need to get yourself FAA-certified so you can get that drone footage you absolutely need to polish off your project? Fine-n-dandy.

Just get out there and do world-changing work!

Applications for the No-Strings Project Grant open in 2021. 

Would you like to help fund our scholarships?